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Ayala Land : Park Terraces For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio ₱ 8,000,000 37 sqm
One Bedroom ₱ 11,000,000 64 sqm
Two Bedroom ₱ 20,000,000 103 sqm
Three Bedroom ₱ 30,000,000 175 sqm

Ayala Land has done an excellent job in creating the best condos for Filipinos. Move away from neighborhoods that do not offer a serene and peaceful environment. The houses are modern and are designed uniquely. Moreover, you will have a chance of living in one of the major tourist attraction sites. The worry of purchasing land and building your home is a thing of the past since the developers have already done it for you. The apartments are comfortable and affordable for most people.

One of the main reasons why Park Terraces is a good investment is that it harbors tons of establishments. In fact, you will have an easy time accessing treatment and banking services. Also, there are various colleges that you would consider enrolling in.  Once you secure your condo, you'll have the chance to access beautiful lawns and a breathtaking landscape where you could bond with your friends, kids or family.

Park Terraces is a worthwhile investment because it is located in the heart of Ayala Center which is a busy business district. This means you will be close to most businesses and recreational centers. This means you won't have to incur any traveling expenses.

This place is located in a safe and calm neighborhood. You will get the chance to interact with great people. Besides, your security is guaranteed since the property is always under CCTV surveillance. This property is well guarded, and you do not have to worry about muggers.

Pay for your condo and boast of owning a house under your name. It will be a great achievement that you will never regret!  You could also refer a friend who might be interested in the Park Terraces.

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