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These are buildings or vacant areas set aside in the estate used for meetings, functions, recreational and fitness places. Having in place some these amenities in your investment makes it a preferred choice for most customers. A list of some the amenities includes;

This is a room where equipment used for body fitness are kept. By having a gym in an estate this, helps tenants visit the gym lose some weight, keep the body fit and burn some calories in the body. Achieved by weight lifting, rope jumping and runway machines. A gym in your real estate provides competition hence making it a preferable choice for many tenants since they don’t have to go out on their way finding a gym and the extra cost that comes with it.

Swimming Pool
This is a pool of water where tenants who love and have a talent in swimming go and have fun. For new learners, it would be a perfect place to learn how to swim.  Tenants would also organize a swimming competition amongst themselves since it's within the compound hence enhance love, peace, and harmony among them. It would provide an opportunity where they meet and know each other and co-exist peacefully.

Activity Area
An area within the premises where meeting are would be security meetings of the estate, birthday parties of tenants or family gatherings of a tenant in the premises. Setting aside an activity area in your investment would a wise decision since tenants don’t have to incur extra cost when having meetings and parties regarding venues.

Billiards Room

A place where casual indoor game played using pool sticks used to hit the hard balls into one of the six pockets. It’s mostly played by young or slow aging men. It helps interaction among people and advice offer platform to the young men who come to the room for the game. As opposed to them meeting in clubs and pubs for the also enhances good hand-eye coordination, builds focus and enables stretching and balancing.

  • Motion sensors for light in select common areas
  • Maximized natural ventilation for common areas
  • Common Area toilet fixtures with low-flow and dual-flush features
  • Energy-efficient light fixtures in common areas
  • Four (4) High Speed Elevators
  • Four (4) levels of basement parking
  • Elegantly-designed, air-conditioned Ground Floor lobby
  • Administrative Offices and Conference Rooms
  • Provision for a Laundromat
  • Semi-addressable fire detection and fire alarm system
  • 24 hour security and building maintenance
  • Proximity card access for security
  • 100% back-up power
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